Nathalie Blanc Philippe Petrucciani Réunion

Nathalie Blanc / Voice
Philippe Petrucciani / Guitar
Dominique Di Piazza / Bass
Manhu Roche / Drums

Nathalie Blanc interprets with a captivating voice, texts dictated by her heart, on compositions to the attractive melodic lines, of a guitarist Philippe Petrucciani. Accompanied by rhythmic one high-level, Dominique Di Piazza on bass, who stands and moves with technique without defect, always enthusiastic, and drummer Manhu Roche centring the whole with dexterity and swing.

The musicians demonstrate a commitment to openness and freedom while maintaining clarity and rigor. The group evolves of the quartet to the intimacy of the duet, full of nuances and sensibility.


 CD Album
“Este Mundo”

Nathalie Blanc Philippe Petrucciani Réunion

Jazzbook Records - Harmonia Mundi / Jazz Village


    Remember Petrucciani

Nathalie Blanc / Voice
Philippe Petrucciani / Guitar
Dominique Di Piazza / Bass
Manhu Roche / Drums
Michel Zenino / Doublebass
Nicolas Folmer/ Trumpet
Sylvain Beuf/ Saxophone
Francesco Castellani / Trombone

Michel liked to say that his compositions were songs. To make a musical portrait as a trace of his life by those who were most imbued with his personality and the closest, Nathalie and Philippe, realize there, the wish so dear to Michel to write the lyrics on his music. Nathalie realizes this dream that she had also for a long time and as she writes and sings: "her soul is offered to us". After having often accompanied his brother with his guitar, the repertoire, Philippe, he knows it! He chooses with Nathalie the songs that they liked the most, from "I just say hello", one of these first compositions, to "Looking up", well known to the general public.

 CD Album
“Remember Petrucciani”

Nathalie Blanc Philippe Petrucciani Réunion

Jazzbook Records - Harmonia Mundi / Jazz Village


    Nathalie Blanc Philippe Petrucciani Réunion

Nathalie Blanc / Voice
Philippe Petrucciani / Guitar
Michel Zenino/ Boublebass

To interpret her favorite songs Nathalie Blanc chose to be surrounded by two exceptional musicians with whom the complicity was immediate.
The repertoire is composed of standards of the French songs like "the lovers of the bute", songs of mythical groups like King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young .... This repertoire is revisited by the Trio demonstrant, a concern for openness and freedom while maintaining clarity and rigor.


 CD Album
“My Favorite Songs”

Nathalie Blanc Philippe Petrucciani Réunion

Jazzbook Records


NATHALIE BLANC Piano & voice

Nathalie begins the piano at the age of 7. After several years of study at the conservatory, she discovered jazz by listening to saxophonists like Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Stan Getz. She studied jazz with Tony Petrucciani and also follows the teaching of Richie Beirach Enrico Pieranunzi during seminaries. She's impassioned for the song by listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Nat King Cole, Chet Baker, etc…

Nathalie occurs within diverse formations and constitutes her own group, then makes numerous passages in clubs and festivals in the first part of Ron Carter's first part, Hermeto Pascoal and Rick Marguitza.

Repertoire :
Standards of Jazz and Bossa nova. Nathalie Blanc writes her own texts on compositions of Michel Petrucciani, Philippe Petrucciani, Wes Montgomery, etc…

Discography :
« One for Marie » Philippe Petrucciani Groupe (RDC Record)
« Este Mundo » Nathalie Blanc Philippe Petrucciani Réunion (Jazzbook Records ‐ Harmonia Mundi / Jazz Village)

CD « One for Marie » - Radios talk about it …
  ◊ Kosmos 93.6 Athènes / Attique / Grèce
An intimate work and a pretty good damn one ! Played at a very high artistic level, this is definitely one of the best jazz albums of 2003.

  ◊ Radio Monte-Carlo. Moscou / Russie
Splendid, sweet and pleasant music! The best album of this sending! Especially titles with the voice of Nathalie Blanc.

  ◊ Radio Universidad San Juan. San Juan / Porto rico / États-Unis
Brazilian flavor on this classy and smooth work. Jazz and bossa-nova combined in such an elegant way.

He started the guitar with his father Tony, guitarist also.
Jazz works with his two brothers Louis (bass) and Michel (piano) under the advice of their father and listening to musicians like Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans, Tal Farlow, Barney Kessel etc ...
During a first trip to the USA for his training, he has the opportunity to make a duo in Philadelphia with his brother Michel, experience he will renew few years later at the Olympia, and John Abercrombie meeting which gives some courts.

Very early on he formed his group to interpret his compositions and surrounds himself with musicians such as André Villegier, Michel Zenino, Tommy Halferty, Jean Pierre Llabador, Michel Barrot, Joe Diorio, Philippe Festou, Andy Mckee, Aldo Mela, Mario Stantchev, Jérôme Regard, Yannick Chambre, Marc Verne, Bernard Margarit, Roger Nikittof, Martine Kamoun, Philippe Roche, José Caparros, Jef Gilson, Benoit Paillard, Gérard Guerin, Philippe Levan, Eddy Gaulein-Stef, Fredéric Mennillo, Marcus Miller, Archie Shepp, Alain Jean Marie. In 1998, tour in Israel and Italy with his two brothers and Louis Michel.

Since 1991, he teaches guitar and improvisation to I.M.F.P (Institute of Musical Training of Salon-de-Provence).

Participates in the creation :
  Bunch group with Jean Pierre Llabador and Louis Petrucciani.
  Trio Perfetto with Mario Stantchev and Francesco Castellani.
  Mike P Project of a group of seven musicians performing the music of Michel Petrucciani
  Nathalie Blanc Quartet with Dominique Di Piazza and Manhu Roche.
  Trio Yellow with Yannick Chambre and Marc Verne.

Discography :
« The First » Philippe Petrucciani Groupe (Anaïs Records) 1991
« One of Marie » Philippe Petrucciani Groupe (RDC Records) 2003
« Sarah » Trio Petrucciani (Voies Nouvelles) 2006
« Hey Jude » Trio Yellow (Aviator Records) 2007
« Trio Perfetto » Trio Perfetto 2008
« Este Mundo» Nathalie Blanc Philippe Petrucciani Réunion (Jazzbook Records - Harmonia Mundi / Jazz Village)

Born in 1958, Manhu Roche studied the bases of jazz with Michel PETRUCIANNI and with American drummer Tox DROHARD. In 1982, he moved to Italy where he stayed for 14 years during which he played and recorded with Paolo FRESU, Massimo URBANI, Mia MARTINI, Roberta Escamilla GARISON, Maurizio GIAMMARCO…
With Flavio BOLTRO and Furio DI CASTRI, he founded the first trio trumpet/double bass/drums in the history of jazz. On returning to France in 1996, he joined Michel PETRUCCIANI's Graffiti Quartet which then became the ZDF TRIO with Detlev BEIER (b) and a quartet with Steve GROSSMAN (ts). He accompanied PETRUCIANNI throughout all of his European tours until his passing in 1999.

He collaborates with Dave LIEBMAN, Pharoah SANDERS, Joe LOVANO, Benny GOLSON, Rachel GOULD, Chet BAKER, Cassandra WILSON, Georges GARZONE, Joe DIORIO, Kenny WHEELER, Ira COLMAN, Mark DRESSER, Ernies WILKINS, Jun BLAKE, Palle DANIELSSON, Enrico PIERANUNZI, Jackie TERRASSON, Ronan GUILFOYE, Miroslav VITOUS…

He's participated in the following tours in East Africa (1984), in West Africa (1994) and in Turkey (1997) with the Eric BARRET Quartet, in Polynesia, Maurice Island, Russia, Iran with the Alain BRUNET Quartet, in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei with the Richard GALLIANO Trio.

In 2005, assigned by the French Cultural Center in Cambodia, he gave a series of concerts, leading an ensemble of 30 Cambodian drums and with his trio composed of Stefano CANTINI (ts) and Lux FENOLI (g). He's recorded more than 50 albums. He's taught at the University of Music in Rome and at the Musical Training Center in Sienne. Nowadays, he devotes himself to giving training courses and workshops.

Dominique, who resides in France, is of Sicilian origin and was raised by his gypsy stepfather, a heritage that would influence his musicality in later years. He played both guitar and bass for a period of time, and after hearing the infamous Jaco Pastorius in 1979 decides to focus strictly on the bass, and not long after starts finding the unique voice he becomes very well known for. Being a self taught musician, he immediately started developing his own style of playing, and by the early 80's had refined his signature right hand approach. It began by using the thumb, index, and middle finger instead of the traditional two finger approach, and that move gave birth to the four finger technique which is used as a secondary technique by many of the top players in the world.

In addition to that, he also enhanced this technique by using a pedal steel guitar pick on his thumb and index finger, and carved out a unique and distinctive sound on the instrument. He became an established player on the Paris scene and toured as well with Gil Evans, Didier Lockwood, Andre Ceccarelli, Gordon Beck, Eric Barret, Jean Pierre Como, Michel Pérez, Louis Winsberg, Aldo Romano, Nicolas Folmer, the Big Band Lumière, Joe Diorio, Dennis Chambers, Bireli Lagrene, Michel Petrucciani, etc...

In 1987 he does a European tour with Gil Evans and the Big Band Lumiere of Laurent Cugny. In 1991, Dominique becomes a member of the John McLaughlin trio along with Trilok Gurtu. They do a worldwide tour of more than 300 concerts and record the « Que Alegria » album, which caught the ear of many well known bassists, and Dominique becomes an established player on the jazz scene. In 2000 the group « Front Page » is created featuring Dominique with Bireli Lagrene & Dennis Chambers. They tour Europe and eventually record « Front Page » which wins France's « Victoires de la Musique » award for the years best Jazz CD.

In 2005 and 2006 Dominique is touring again playing in the Island of Reunion, the Island of Maurice, and Madagascar, as well as 10 countries in Africa playing with pianist Meddy Gerville, guitarist Jean-Marie Ecay, and percussionist Horacio « el Negro » Hernandez.

In 2008, John McLaughlin asked Dominique Di Piazza to join him on his major European tour, The 4th Dimension, with Gary Husband (keyboards and percussion) and Mark Mondésir (drums). From Spring through to Summer they travelled across Europe, playing over 30 venues together in all the major cities, from Spain to Russia, Ireland and Eastern Europe. Dominique also accompanied John McLaughlin in India at the Blue Frog Club in Mumbai. Meanwhile, Dominique's trio with the Brazilian guitarist, Nelson Veras and drummer Manhu Roche brought out their album, « Princess Sita » on 26 August 2008 on Sunnyside Records (USA), distributed by Ryko.

Since 1985 he has been teaching at music schools in France and throughout the world. His unique voice, style and commitment to music have kept him at the forefront of the jazz scene, and we will be hearing a lot more of him in the near future.

  CD « One for Marie » - Radios talk about it …

  ◊ CD radio Cluj  Cluj-Napoca / Roumanie - Philippe Petrucciani is a great surprise, because he is a very talented guitar player, just as his      father was a famous piano-player! The album is solid, focused upon the South American sound and atmosphere. It also doesn't neglect      the blue part of the genre, in order to get the maximum of effect.

  ◊ NHK FM  Tokyo / Japon - Quintet including guitar and trombone sounds fresh.

  ◊ Pulsar  Ouagadougou / Burkina Faso - The sweet voice of Nathalie Blanc on the seductive melody does not leave us indifferent. Admirable music for music lovers of the genre.

  ◊ Radio Canada / CBOF  Ottawa / Ontario / Canada - I like "Forever" it's my small romantic side.

  ◊ Radio Canada / CBSI  Sept-Iles / Québec / Canada - Yes. Bravo.

  ◊ Radio Canada Québec (CBV)  Québec / Québec / Canada - Excellent product. Beautiful musicality. Music that inspires great maturity.

  ◊ Radio Liban - Emission Escales  Beyrouth / Liban - Interesting album that will delight lovers of good jazz.

  ◊ Radio Martinique (RFO)  Fort de France (Martinique) / Martinique - Beautiful melodies.

  ◊ Radio Ténéré  Niamey / Niger - Positive thinking and deserved tribute to all the world's children. This album finds finds all its sense.

  ◊ RFA  Ottawa / Ontario / Canada - In the purest tradition ... to listen again and again.

  ◊ RFO Guadeloupe  Baie-Mahault (Guadeloupe) / Guadeloupe - Is he the son ? The brother ? The nephew of ... ? It is music that your neurons are happy when you listen.

  ◊ RSR / La Première  Lausanne / Suisse - Not bad whole, humor, beautiful voice

  ◊ WEVL  Memphis / Tennessee / États-Unis - A sweet and beautiful music. Favorite title: "Pourquoi".

JazzMan - 2003 - Nathalie Blanc-Philippe Petrucciani Reunion - « One For Mary »
« With this album (One for Marie) the guitarist Philippe Petrucciani introduced vibrant portrait of his emotions. He was surrounded by four accomplices (the term seems more appropriate here than accompanist ): Francesco Castellani on trombone, Nathalie White keyboards and vocals, André Franco on bass and Alain Couffignal on drums and percussion. Mix consequetly various atmosphere with the ambition to be permanently locked into any and every time express the wright feeling, which is musically much more risked than it seems .

The result is a very musical singing, but who can also be adventurous (The Cat on the guitar synthesizer) work on the colors and textures witch give to the disc its sunshine touch. From this angle, Three brother on the Same Way is an undeniable collective success. Alliance guitar - trombone, frequently requested besides sounds remarkably (Bebop and Blues, Talia, Merry Go Round) and alliance guitar - voice is a real freshness on Little Song. The elegance of theme and mastery's guitarist throughout the disc.» Stéphane Carini (JazzMan)

Jazz Hot - 2008 - Nathalie Blanc-Philippe Petrucciani Reunion - « One For Mary »
« Nathalie plays a very big tessitura with the power and the clarityin all the registers. She scat beautifully as Sarah Vaughan, with phrases very rich. Philippe, worthy descendant of Wes Montgomery, demonstrated high sensitivity, found in his compositions. « Around Midnight »  an anthology with the words of Claude Nougaro. A singer and a group to follow. »  Serge Baudot