He starts studying the guitar with his father Tony, guitarist also. He works Jazz with his two brothers Louis (doublebass) and Michel (piano) under the advice of their father and listening to musicians like Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans, Tal Farlow, Barney Kessel etc ...

During a first trip to the USA for his training, he plays a duet with his brother Michael in Philadelphia and this experience, renewed a few years later at the Olympia, give him the opportunity to meet John Abercrombie which gives some courts. After this encounter, he forms his first band in 1980 to interpret his compositions and surrounds himself with musicians such as Marc Mazzillo, Bernard Santacruz, Jean Sébastien Simonoviez, Daniel Solia, Frédéric Monino, André Franco, Michel Bachevalier, Alain Couffignal, Jean Pierre Barreda, Francesco Castellani and Nathalie Blanc.


In 1991, Philippe participates in duet at the Canne's Midem with his brother Louis and he records his first CD "The First" with François Quillet, Dominique Di Piazza and Victor Jones.

In 1997, he performes at the Montelimar Jazz Festival for a special concert with his two brothers Louis and Michel, and his father Tony, accompanied by drummer Mahnu Roche. In August 1998, he tours in Israel and Italy with his brothers Louis and Michel.

Later, he will plays also with André Villegier, Michel Zenino, Tommy Halferty, Jean Pierre Llabador, Michel Barrot, Joe Diorio, Philippe Festou, Andy Mckee, Aldo Mela, Mario Stantchev, Jérôme Regard, Yannick Chambre, Marc Verne, Bernard Margarit, Roger Nikittof, Martine Kamoun, Philippe Roche, José Caparros, Jef Gilson, Benoit Paillard, Gérard Guerin, Philippe Levan, Sylvain Beuf, Nicolas Folmer, Marcus Miller, Archie Shepp, Alain Jean Marie, Lucky Petrson..


In 2000, he sets up the "Philippe Petrucciani Group" then participates in the creation of others formations:

« Trio Perfetto » with Mario Stantchev and Francesco Castellani
« Bunch of Strings » with Jean Pierre Llabador and Louis Petrucciani.
« Mike P Project » with seven musicians, performing the music of Michel Petrucciani
« Philippe & Louis Petrucciani New Trio » with Alain Couffignal (drums)
« Yellow trio » with Yannick Chambre (org) and Marc Verne (drums)
« Nathalie Blanc Philippe Petrucciani Réunion » with Nathalie Blanc (piano & voice), Dominique Di Piazza (bass) and Mahnu Roche (drums).

Since 1991, he teaches guitar and improvisation to I.M.F.P (Institute of Musical Training of Salon-de-Provence).


« Inspired composer, with seductive melodic lines, Philippe Petrucciani reveals himself as a guitarist with a solid knowledge of his instrument and able to improvise with an intense musicality and lyricism. »  C. Ober (Jazz Mag)

« With this album (One for Marie) the guitarist Philippe Petrucciani introduced vibrant portrait of his emotions. He was surrounded by four accomplices (the term seems more appropriate here than accompanist ): Francesco Castellani on trombone, Nathalie White keyboards and vocals, André Franco on bass and Alain Couffignal on drums and percussion. Mix consequetly various atmosphere with the ambition to be permanently locked into any and every time express the wright feeling, which is musically much more risked than it seems .

The result is a very musical singing, but who can also be adventurous (The Cat on the guitar synthesizer) work on the colors and textures witch give to the disc its sunshine touch. From this angle, Three brother on the Same Way is an undeniable collective success. Alliance guitar - trombone, frequently requested besides sounds remarkably (Bebop and Blues, Talia, Merry Go Round) and alliance guitar - voice is a real freshness on Little Song. The elegance of theme and mastery's guitarist throughout the disc. »  Stéphane Carini (Jazz Man)